Merch, The Other White Meat

An oldie but a goodie.

In 2011, Amplifier co-founder Joel Bush hosted a SXSW panel entitled “Merch: The Other White Meat of Monetization.” The title nods to the old Pork commercials and (before you go knocking the reference) remember… bacon is pork

Joel brought together a supergroup made up of Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns, Busted Tees’ Mikhail Ledvich, LIVESTRONG’s Mona Patel and Despair, Inc’s Justin Sewell.  In this spirited and informative discussion, panelists respond to a series of questions from Joel that seek to reveal “how successful web properties delight fans, earn revenue, and achieve self-sufficiency with a vibrant direct merchandise business.

Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns on/is the Future of TV

Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns joins Kevin Smith, Lisa Kudrow and others to discuss the Future of TV.  The thing is, Burnie and his wicked crew don’t need to speculate on where the Internet is going in the future.  They are BRINGING THE FUTURE into the now.  If you have ANY interest at all in where Internet, community and original content is going, you need to study every word that rapidly fires out of Burnie Burns’ mouth. 

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, etc.) summed up Rooster Teeth’s amazing accomplishment like this. “You’re my hero man, your generation is doing what we dreamed about doing… We’re like ‘We want to be independent!’ but we weren’t, ultimately we sold out.  You guys truly are independent, and you’re doing it from a great place, like, 'this is what we love to do.’ You’re like, 'I could wait for somebody else to give us some loot or I could build what I want over here.”

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Henri the Existentialist Cat (And Merchify user)

Heard of Henri, the Existentialist cat? He’s only the biggest French export since Freedom Fries. When filmmaker Will Braden created a short film about his cat, he never imagined he was launching a viral video star.  But with “Paw De Deux,” Will spawned millions of Youtube views and profiles in Huffington Post, Gawker, MSN and more.

Internet fame brought Will, er, that is, Henri, thousands of Facebook fans.  And they all wanted to know one thing.

Buy Henri Le Chat Noir Merchandise.

So Will did what any reasonable person in his position would do.  He contacted Amplifier®. After all, we’ve helped some of the Internet’s biggest viral phenomena to sell original swag to their fans.  Once Will explained his success, we gave him early access to Merchify™ and a star was born!  He went from “absolute novice” to selling thousands of dollars of merch in only a week! And the orders just keep on coming! 

UPDATE: And Will Braden’s success just keeps on coming. Just last month, Will and Henri beat thousands of others to take Grand Prize at the First Annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival

Félicitations Henri and Will!

60,000 Sq/ft and Counting...

Amplifier’s expanding.  In the last 6 months, we’ve grown from 27,000 to 60,000 sq/ft.  How big is that? Here’s what a 9,000 sq/ft chunk of it looks like as we tore down the demising walls.

When we moved into this building back in 2004, Amplifier was mostly a fulfillment company. Touring visitors saw racks, pallets, shelves and inventory. Lots and lots of inventory.

By 2011, Amplifier had evolved from moving things to making them. By producing and personalizing merchandise inhouse, we helped our clients to more efficiently monetize their online communities. When it came time to expand to 60,000 sq/ft , we wanted to highlight this business evolution. So we chose to move almost EVERYTHING. Mountains of inventory were moved “offstage."  Printing and pick/pack now hold the center stage. Visitors step into much more of Amplifier’s kinetic energy.  They grasp instantly just how much work Amplifier does under a single roof.

And we’ve not even begun rolling out the cool stuff yet.

Check out Amplifier locations over the years: