Amplifier becomes Indiegogo's recommend Fulfillment partner


Crowdfunding has quickly become one of the most exciting financing trends of the decade. Never before has it been so easy for individuals, businesses, and non-profits to raise funds to launch new creative, entrepreneurial, and cause-related projects.

At Amplifier, we’re helping clients deliver on the promise of crowdfunding, by entering into a partnership with the largest global funding platform, Indiegogo. Together, we’re building an end-to-end solution that allows Crowdfunders to easily manage every stage of a typical project, including;

  • Raising funds for their new project
  • Administering their crowdfunding project online via easy-to-use online tools
  • Producing, packaging and shipping perks, including shirts, hats, mugs, posters and other items used to reward contributors for their financial support
  • Shipping out their finished project to their contributors all across the globe
  • Supporting the ongoing needs of their project contributors

We’ll have more details on what this partnership means for Crowdfunders in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to launch your next crowdfunding project, or produce and deliver perks and products for an existing one, let us hear about it

Introducing “Create Order”

You can now create new orders directly from within My Amplifier.  No more emailing Client Service*.  No more placing orders from your Online Store. Create Orders gives you an easy button to send out simple shipments.

How it Works

You can create your own order in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the new “+ Order” Button at the top of your ORDERS page
  2. Fill out Sender, Recipient, Order Contents and Shipment Details
  3. Review Your Order Details then Place Your Order.

UsingCreate Orders is simple and straightforward.  But we did want to call out one particular feature for you to be aware of…

Managing Delivery Windows

Orders are often time sensitive.  We built Create Orders with that in mind.   Using our Do Not Ship Until Date, you control when your order is released into our warehouse for shipping.  When combined with a service-level-bound Shipping Method (e.g. “UPS 3 Day”), you’ll be able to make sure you’ve got the right stuff in the right place at the right time.

UPS Domestic Air Methods (3 Day, 2 Day and NDA) are almost always delivered on time, but if you play your cards right, you can also usually rely on UPS Ground Estimates to get your shipment to where it needs to be at a lower cost.  Here are estimated delivery times for UPS Ground shipments from Amplifier headquarters in Austin.

We want to get you what you need, where you need it, right on time – but please play it safe. Strive to get your Created Order out a little early, to allow for time to react in the event that something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry. 

Behind the Scenes of "This is Also Not a Kickstarter Shirt"

Amplifier recently had the chance to do a t-shirt printing and fulfillment job for Yancey Strickler at Kickstarter. It was an honor to be asked and a blast to do. So we shot a little video while the job was underway, for the backers of the shirt to enjoy.

Thanks, Yancey!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Zach Weinersmith and his awesome wife Kelly pilgrimaged to Amplifier’s Austin headquarters today to autograph his latest Breadpig-published Kickstarter hit, TRIAL OF THE CLONE 2 - WRATH OF THE PACIFIST.  Pizza was had. Books were signed. And signed.  And signed.

Wrath is the long-awaited sequel to Weinersmith’s previous smash, TRIAL OF THE CLONE.  For those who missed THAT Kickstarter, here’s a flashback to Zach signing the very last of 2,500 books for previous backers.

Zach is on a crowdfunding tear lately. He also recently secured over $7000/month from his fans using the new Patreon platform. Fans can contribute as little as $1 a month to help Zach keep expressing his creativity. 

It’s a privilege for Amplifier to play a small part in the creative efforts of artists like Zach Weinersmith and publishers like Breadpig.  They’re not only exploring this emerging medium, they’re building entirely new business models to boot. 

Viva la crowd!

Amplifier All Hands Meeting

All Hands Meeting

Yesterday, March 27th, we held an all hands meeting at Amplifier. During yesterday’s all hands meeting, Everyone ate huge, ridiculous, almost debilitating portions of Rudy’s BBQ.  Pretty cruel when you consider that after the meeting everyone had to go back to work instead of take a nap.

We surprised the crew by handing out embroidered Red Kap workshirts. (If you don’t know Red Kap, they make some of the best work wear in the business.)  We thought it would be cool to color code our teams by their department. Do so enables visitors to instantly grasp what’s happening in the often raging sea of activity on a typical day. 

Color schemes were: 

5 Year Jerseys

We also took a moment to recognize employees who had put in more than 5 years at Amplifier with a special handmade flannel baseball jersey.  We do hard work here.  Anyone who has made it five years has put in unbelievable hours. No matter what their department, it’s a given the “5 years” have packed thousands of orders, worked many a holiday, and generally done so with a great attitude.

These jerseys were a secret. Only our founders knew about them.  We just asked employee for their favorite number between 1 and 100.  They didn’t know it but they were picking their team number.  

  • Joel Bush - #1
  • Paco Contreras - #20
  • LeVar Fresch - #77
  • Jud Harris - #67
  • Topher Hyink - #17
  • James McNown - #2
  • Doug Sewell -#33
  • Jef Sewell - #00
  • Macon Stokes - #7
  • John Totman - #44
  • Chris Vreeland - #23
  • Terry Wallace - #3

Very soon Tanya Johnson and Cody Isaacks will join the 5 year club.  We hope everyone working here today sticks around to earn a jersey.  They’re a great crew and we’re proud of all of them! 

"Trial of the Clone" Kickstarter


Breadpig’s Trial of the Clone saga continues…  When we last spied our hero, he was autographing a small mountain of paperbacks.

In the span of 5 hours today, Zach Weiner signed the recently-arrived hardbacks. They’ll be out the door and into the hands of Kickstarter Supporters everywhere.  Congratulations to Breadpig and Zach for such a successful project.

Zach Weiner And Breadpig’s Trial of the Clone nears shipping

In the words of author Zach Weiner, “Trial of the Clones” is:

“the tale of a clone who finds out he’s chosen for greatness. In a path-of-the-hero adventure, he conquers over and over in the service of his country, only to meet… a twist ending.  So, if you like high fantasy and low humor, you’ll like this book. ”

Zach and his amazing publisher Breadpig put this great premise out as a Kickstarter project.  They hoped to raise $15,000 and promised autographed copies for everyone who pledged more than $20.  Perhaps intuiting they might significantly exceed their target,  Zach prophesied:

As a de facto bonus, if we sell more than a few thousand signed copies, my hand will shrivel up and fall off. If that happens, I’ll take pictures as the source of everything good in my life slowly melts away.

Fans wound up committing over $130,000, putting Zach on the hook for over 2,500 signatures. So this past weekend he drove over 700 miles NONSTOP to Amplifier’s headquarters to do just that. Sign a mountain of books. Incredibly, Zach knocked them out in less than a day. And his hand still seems to work.

In this clip, Zach signs the very last book after a marathon 12 hour session.

What’s Next?

Now Zach and the team at Breadpig face the nightmare of packing nearly 3,000 orders and shipping them out. It is a thankless, seemingly unending task.  Weeks of one’s life… GONE.  Vague anxieties around esoterica like “Is this the right customs paperwork?” And then of course the act of delivering over one ton of parcels to UPS… 

Oh wait! Scratch that! Amplifier will knock all this stuff in no time!  So what about YOU?  Got a successful Kickstarter campaign giving you ulcers?