Girl Scouts visit Amplifier, forget to bring us Thin Mints

We’ve hosted book signings and Kickstarter mavens but yesterday’s visit by Girl Scout Troop 1252 will go down in Amplifier history as our first time staging an actual merit badge challenge.


We’re pretty sure these girls will grow up to be creative kingpins. Every year, they design and print their own troop tees, with stencils and ink and amazing DIY grit and gristle.

This year, they asked us if Amplifier would teach them to screen print for real. Who can say no to girl scouts, even when they aren’t selling cookies?


Our screen printing man, myth, and legend Chris Vreeland taught them the printing process, from art to film to screen to tee, and they took turns printing and curing their very own t-shirts.


The shirts look amazing. We’d like to say you can get your own Troop 1252 tee in our online store, but you can’t. That would be… strange.


Thanks again for stopping in, taking the tour, and brightening our day with your questions about screen printing, glitter ink and unicorn posters, Troop 1252. Let us know when you’re old enough for summer jobs!

Customer Profile: Found Footage Festival

Billed as “a one-of-a-kind event that showcases footage from videos found at garage sales, thrift stores, warehouses and dumpsters”, the Found Footage Festival has elevated countless figures from imminent obscurity to genuine Internet celebrity. 

If you’ve ever heard of Jack“World’s Angriest RV Salesman” Rebney then you’re familiar with their work.  Festival founder Nick Prueher describes the video that went on to make Rebney a Youtube phenomena:

It’s the outtakes from this industrial film about Winnebago RVs. The host [Rebney] kept getting mad and taking it out on the crew. So the crew left the cameras rolling to capture this guy’s tirades and how ridiculous he was being. We met somebody who was on the crew of this shoot in 1989, and he gave us footage. We cut it together into like four minutes of just his most ridiculous swearing tirades. Understandably it became sort of the breakout hit of the show.

A profanity strewn series of cutting-room floor excerpts went viral and made Jack Rebney a cult celebrity.  He even went on to become the subject of a 2007 documentary (“Winnebago Man.”)  Countless other men’s trash have become Found Footage’s treasure.

  • It Only Takes a Second” - You’ve Heard of Accidents Waiting to Happen?
  • Arnold in Rio” - Hilarious promotion video of Schwarzenegger in Rio’s Carnival.
  • Harvey Sid Fisher’s Astrology Songs.
  • New York Public Access TV’s “Stairway to Stardom” (The Original American Idol)

Found Footage Finds Merchify

Found Footage sells DVDs, Tickets and other cool stuff from their online store.  But new merchandise means tying cash up in new inventory. What if you produce 250 shirts of a design that no one likes? 

That’s where Merchify comes in. Using our easy to install Shopify application, Found Footage Festival could offer hundreds of clever new Posters, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and more without ever holding inventory.  Merchify products sell right alongside all their traditional products.  The only difference is, whenever they receive Merchify orders, Found Footage Festival’s team doesn’t have to produce, pick, pack or ship them.  Amplifier handles that stuff, allowing Found Footage to simply pocket the difference.

Do yourself a kindness and check out FFF’s awesome online store.