Introducing Print-on-Demand Laminated Vinyl Stickers

The wait is over. We are excited to share that Stickers have arrived! HURRAY! Amplifier's Print-on-Demand Stickers are all waterproof, UV-resistant laminated vinyl sticker collection good for indoor/outdoor use and all available without inventory!

Print on Demand Multi-Sticker Sheet

If you want to sell lots of Stickers at once, this product is for you.  Just upload high-resolution transparent PNG files and Amplifier will automatically kiss-cut them based on the uploaded alpha channel.

Upload Your Transparent Artwork

Upload Your Transparent Artwork

We’ll automatically create separate “kiss cuts”

We’ll automatically create separate “kiss cuts”

Sell dozens of separate stickers on a single sheet, just by using a transparent background! The price is only $14.95 for a print-on-demand sheet. And soon we’ll be offering much lower Bulk Pricing for those seeking to produce stickers in inventory. (To our knowledge, no one offers one-off Print-on-Demand Sticker sheets integrated so easily with order fulfillment!)

In addition, you can also create and sell individual stickers with pricing starting at just $4/unit! (For a 2”x2” sticker.)

Now available in the Print-on-Demand Builder today.

Your Friends at Amplifier

(p.s. Lower price Bulk Ordering Options are coming soon, too!)

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Ubisoft Launches Customized Game Avatar T-Shirts with Amplifier



This time it's personal.

Gaming powerhouse Ubisoft and Amplifier have partnered on an awesome new project.  Now players of their hit game SOUTH PARK: The Fractured But Whole can order their own custom game avatar printed on Shirts and Coffee Mugs.  

Check out this video that shows how to make your own!


E3 Fan Shirts

We previewed this feature at  the Ubisoft booth at this years E3 show. The customized shirts were an absolute smash.

The line for custom shirts at 2017 E3.

The line for custom shirts at 2017 E3.

Jason Schroeder, Senior Producer @ UBISoft Rocks his Custom South Park T

Major update to the Amplifier Platform

We just launched the biggest UI/UX update to the Amplifier® platform ever. We are greatly simplifying your experience and putting the features you use every day front and center. We want to give this head’s up on the five biggest changes

#1. More Signal, Less Noise

We are making our most popular features – the ones you use daily – more prominent. In logistics, we always ask "How can we reduce touches and travel?"  These same principles drive our latest changes.

For example:

  • Most users live in Orders. You now log straight into them.

  • We boosted the most salient data (e.g. Supplies now shows Units).

  • We reduced noise in list views and eliminated redundant data.

  • Features that aren't used daily have been moved from the main nav.


#2. Cancel Orders

It's here friends. It's finally here. 😭  You can now stop orders before they ever hit the floor with Cancel Order

You can cancel any order still in a Processing Shipment state. When you click Cancel, our Platform will automatically attempt to stop the order and remove it from the shipment pool. (Certain orders, like some people, you just can't reach. If they are already being fulfilled we cannot retrieve them.)


#3. Print-on-Demand Samples

You can now easily order samples of new Print-on-Demand products.  Here's how it works.

  • Click Designs

  • Pick the Design to Sample

  • Click the new lightning bolt (⚡️)

  • Fill in the blanks

The feature drafts a Manual Order with your Shipping Address pre-populated.  Just pick which variants of the design you want, and we will print and ship them to you.


#4 - Instant ASN Paperwork

The new Amplifier makes it easier for your Suppliers too. Now after creating an ASN, they can download all the paperwork with just a single click!  

#5 - Campaigns Overhaul

Arguably the biggest upgrade has come to Campaigns.  If your company gives away promotional merch as part of your Marketing initiatives, we hope you find this update a massive improvement.

Configuring Campaigns is now "set it and forget it".  The focus now is properly around your Recipients. (Below) From a single screen, you can Copy Offer CodesResend Email Notifications and Revoke Recipients.  

Amplifier becomes Indiegogo's recommend Fulfillment partner


Crowdfunding has quickly become one of the most exciting financing trends of the decade. Never before has it been so easy for individuals, businesses, and non-profits to raise funds to launch new creative, entrepreneurial, and cause-related projects.

At Amplifier, we’re helping clients deliver on the promise of crowdfunding, by entering into a partnership with the largest global funding platform, Indiegogo. Together, we’re building an end-to-end solution that allows Crowdfunders to easily manage every stage of a typical project, including;

  • Raising funds for their new project
  • Administering their crowdfunding project online via easy-to-use online tools
  • Producing, packaging and shipping perks, including shirts, hats, mugs, posters and other items used to reward contributors for their financial support
  • Shipping out their finished project to their contributors all across the globe
  • Supporting the ongoing needs of their project contributors

We’ll have more details on what this partnership means for Crowdfunders in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to launch your next crowdfunding project, or produce and deliver perks and products for an existing one, let us hear about it

Introducing “Create Order”

You can now create new orders directly from within My Amplifier.  No more emailing Client Service*.  No more placing orders from your Online Store. Create Orders gives you an easy button to send out simple shipments.

How it Works

You can create your own order in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the new “+ Order” Button at the top of your ORDERS page
  2. Fill out Sender, Recipient, Order Contents and Shipment Details
  3. Review Your Order Details then Place Your Order.

UsingCreate Orders is simple and straightforward.  But we did want to call out one particular feature for you to be aware of…

Managing Delivery Windows

Orders are often time sensitive.  We built Create Orders with that in mind.   Using our Do Not Ship Until Date, you control when your order is released into our warehouse for shipping.  When combined with a service-level-bound Shipping Method (e.g. “UPS 3 Day”), you’ll be able to make sure you’ve got the right stuff in the right place at the right time.

UPS Domestic Air Methods (3 Day, 2 Day and NDA) are almost always delivered on time, but if you play your cards right, you can also usually rely on UPS Ground Estimates to get your shipment to where it needs to be at a lower cost.  Here are estimated delivery times for UPS Ground shipments from Amplifier headquarters in Austin.

We want to get you what you need, where you need it, right on time – but please play it safe. Strive to get your Created Order out a little early, to allow for time to react in the event that something goes wrong. Better safe than sorry. 

Behind the Scenes of "This is Also Not a Kickstarter Shirt"

Amplifier recently had the chance to do a t-shirt printing and fulfillment job for Yancey Strickler at Kickstarter. It was an honor to be asked and a blast to do. So we shot a little video while the job was underway, for the backers of the shirt to enjoy.

Thanks, Yancey!

Merch, The Other White Meat

An oldie but a goodie.

In 2011, Amplifier co-founder Joel Bush hosted a SXSW panel entitled “Merch: The Other White Meat of Monetization.” The title nods to the old Pork commercials and (before you go knocking the reference) remember… bacon is pork

Joel brought together a supergroup made up of Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns, Busted Tees’ Mikhail Ledvich, LIVESTRONG’s Mona Patel and Despair, Inc’s Justin Sewell.  In this spirited and informative discussion, panelists respond to a series of questions from Joel that seek to reveal “how successful web properties delight fans, earn revenue, and achieve self-sufficiency with a vibrant direct merchandise business.

Reddit Gifts pays a Visit


Our friends from Reddit Gifts paid us a visit in Austin last week. 

As you can see from this Twitter selfie, much fun was had.  Especially enjoyed take their team our to experience Alamo Drafthouse… After it sank in that he was sitting at the greatest movie experience known to humankind, Reddit Gift’s founder Dan McComas began to lament, “It’s not fair that you get this…”  

It is so not fair Dan. So deliciously, hilariously not fair.  We will pour out a .40 for you next time we see a movie at Alamo.  Some time next week. 

Really enjoyed hanging out and getting to know you, thanks for making the trip!  Hope to return the favor in SLC soon!

(Photo credit, from left to right, Topher Hyink, Dan McComas with Reddit Alien plush, Jessica Moreno, Gary Jense, Ellen Pao and Joel Bush.)