Using QR-Coded Stickers To Trigger Merch Giveaways

Your community is an incredibly powerful amplifier. Recognizing them by sharing something tangible builds loyalty and spreads awareness. Promotional stickers, apparel, and other gear travel well and carry your story.

Our Zapier app lets you trigger rewards from events on Salesforce, Stripe, Eventbrite, and 1,500+ other platforms, and Amplifier Campaigns manages and streamlines the whole process for you.

In addition, you can trigger Amplifier Campaigns by Sticker (which we produce for you).

It works just like this:

That’s pretty slick:

  • You give fans and supporters an immediate tangible gift, a great sticker.

  • When they scan the QR Code (outside the kiss-cut) with a smartphone camera, they go to the landing page for your campaign.

  • To redeem their offer code, they provide you with their name, email address, and mailing address, so you know who they are, and your list grows.

  • Your event and field marketing teams also don’t have to travel with all your SKUs, mess with inventory, or worry about running out of an item. Amplifier’s highly scalable fulfillment engine takes care of that.

Stickers and Campaigns — two great things that work great together.

Joel BushComment