Print-on-Demand Laminated Vinyl Stickers

The wait is over. We are excited to share that Stickers have arrived! HURRAY! Amplifier's Print-on-Demand Stickers are all waterproof, UV-resistant laminated vinyl sticker collection good for indoor/outdoor use and all available without inventory!

Print on Demand Multi-Sticker Sheet

If you want to sell lots of Stickers at once, this product is for you.  Just upload high-resolution transparent PNG files and Amplifier will automatically kiss-cut them based on the uploaded alpha channel.

Upload Your Transparent Artwork

Upload Your Transparent Artwork

We’ll automatically create separate “kiss cuts”

We’ll automatically create separate “kiss cuts”

Sell dozens of separate stickers on a single sheet, just by using a transparent background! The price is only $14.95 for a print-on-demand sheet. And soon we’ll be offering much lower Bulk Pricing for those seeking to produce stickers in inventory. (To our knowledge, no one offers one-off Print-on-Demand Sticker sheets integrated so easily with order fulfillment!)

In addition, you can also create and sell individual stickers with pricing starting at just $4/unit! (For a 2”x2” sticker.)

Now available in the Print-on-Demand Builder today.

Your Friends at Amplifier

(p.s. Lower price Bulk Ordering Options are coming soon, too!)

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