Major update to the Amplifier Platform

We just launched the biggest UI/UX update to the Amplifier® platform ever. We are greatly simplifying your experience and putting the features you use every day front and center. We want to give this head’s up on the five biggest changes

#1. More Signal, Less Noise

We are making our most popular features – the ones you use daily – more prominent. In logistics, we always ask "How can we reduce touches and travel?"  These same principles drive our latest changes.

For example:

  • Most users live in Orders. You now log straight into them.

  • We boosted the most salient data (e.g. Supplies now shows Units).

  • We reduced noise in list views and eliminated redundant data.

  • Features that aren't used daily have been moved from the main nav.


#2. Cancel Orders

It's here friends. It's finally here. 😭  You can now stop orders before they ever hit the floor with Cancel Order

You can cancel any order still in a Processing Shipment state. When you click Cancel, our Platform will automatically attempt to stop the order and remove it from the shipment pool. (Certain orders, like some people, you just can't reach. If they are already being fulfilled we cannot retrieve them.)


#3. Print-on-Demand Samples

You can now easily order samples of new Print-on-Demand products.  Here's how it works.

  • Click Designs

  • Pick the Design to Sample

  • Click the new lightning bolt (⚡️)

  • Fill in the blanks

The feature drafts a Manual Order with your Shipping Address pre-populated.  Just pick which variants of the design you want, and we will print and ship them to you.


#4 - Instant ASN Paperwork

The new Amplifier makes it easier for your Suppliers too. Now after creating an ASN, they can download all the paperwork with just a single click!  

#5 - Campaigns Overhaul

Arguably the biggest upgrade has come to Campaigns.  If your company gives away promotional merch as part of your Marketing initiatives, we hope you find this update a massive improvement.

Configuring Campaigns is now "set it and forget it".  The focus now is properly around your Recipients. (Below) From a single screen, you can Copy Offer CodesResend Email Notifications and Revoke Recipients.  

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