EPISODE 2 - Christina Xu

“Manage the Internet Culture Meme Stuff”

Christina Xu (@xuhulk) on Twitter

The Awesome Foundation

forwarding the interest of Awesome in the universe $1,000 at a time. Please apply.

Wikipedia entry on giving circles

Christina Xu TEDxBoston talk "The Importance of Being Awesome"

The Awesome Foundation on Kickstarter

Kickstarter projects by previous Awesome Foundation fellows from around the world who are looking to take their awesome idea to the next level

Jeff Waldman

links to more information about the swings project


Held in 2008, 2010, and 2012 -- "the first internet culture conference devoted to discussing what makes memes work, why they work, and where its all going"

Jay Maynard aka Tron Guy's Wikipedia entry

The first panelist to say Yes to ROFLCon

ROFLCon III panel, Honey I Memed the Kids


a conference about being entrepreneurial held in Dublin


"XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology" to be held for the second time in Portland, Oregon, this September.


publisher and maker of geeky things

Nicki Minaj on Twitter

Shaq on Twitter

His bio still reads, "VERY QUOTATIOUS, I PERFORM RANDOM ACTS OF SHAQNESS BOSTON/EVERYWHERE · Facebook.com/Shaq" The man is a genius.

Shaq tweets about twitteronia

Wikipedia entry on Tyranny of Structurelessness

The Regulars

an open-invite Friday morning conversation in Austin, Texas