“Jesse, what do you do?”

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Tim's 2009 Ignite talk "What the Internet Tells Us About Social Media"

"Yo Dawg, I heard you like crying so we put tears in your tears so you can cry while you cry."

The Awesome Foundation

forwarding the interest of Awesome in the universe $1,000 at a time. Please apply.

Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory

Deputy Director, Tim Hwang


Robot Robot & Hwang

FutureLaw Conference 2013



Andy Baio on how XOXO works

Andy McMillan "It begins with orange jumpsuits"

"On scaling XOXO, why we’re surveying our attendees, and sponsors as patrons"

Brooklyn Beta

Jesse Jackson on the Chris Rock Show

"What do you do, Jesse?"

Jason Roberts talk at TEDxAustin

"We're bringing the street car back. All I did was build a website. That's all I did. And we're bringing the street car back after half a century."

Step 1: Show up. Be present. Step 2: Give it a name. Step 3: Set a date and publish it.

"I might have 10% of what I know done, but I put it out there... It always works... If you do these little things, you seriously really can change everything."



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