Merchify... As Easy as Updating Your Facebook Status

Merchify has made the shirt making process as easy as updating your Facebook status.

Ajay Mantri is a part of the team at Shopify store Brooks and Kinney. Ajay also was one of Merchify’s earliest beta testers.  Ajay helped us identify a transparency-related issue that we’ve since resolved.  We asked him to give us feedback on his experience using Merchify to sell on-demand goods from their store. He gave us some great answers and even a few “needs improvement.”

We present our questions and Ajay’s answers, unvarnished.

How did you first hear about Merchify?
I first found out about Merchify in the Beta section on the Shopify App Store. I check it out from time to time for services that may be a good asset to our operations. Merchify instantly caught my eye because I have always wanted to make my own shirts but never had the investment capital to support an MOQ or infrastructure to manage fulfillment. The ability to print and fulfill on demand without inventory made Merchify an instant no brainer for us.

What’s your dream for Brooks and Kinney?
Brooks and Kinney at its heart is about our collective stories and life experiences. Clothing, whether it be overtly connected to a story or simply present, is integrally intertwined with daily life. Our dream would be to become a part of the collective story and make people more aware that every minute counts. Seeing one of our shirts on a random stranger would also give us a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Sorry I'm Not Sorry Tee

How quickly were you able to get merchandise for sale?
Within 30 seconds of reading the Merchify description on the app store I texted one of our co-founders David “Hey, how do you feel about making shirts?”. In 3 days we had 5 shirts for sale. Merchify has made the shirt making process as easy as updating your Facebook status. 

What kinds of products have you made?
We have made twelve shirts since we signed up for Merchify and plan to expand our collection over the coming months to include laptop skins and posters.

What kinds of products would you like to see added?
I think customers would like to see a few more styles of shirts. It would be nice to expand our collection beyond a unisex look. In the spirit of keeping on par with online retailers, it would also be nice to see iPhone cases in the future as well as laptop sleeves.

How has the quality been?
From the prints I have tested so far we are happy with the quality. The chemical smell is a little overpowering when you first receive it but we understand that is a consequence of the printing process. [Marketer interrupts in horror: First time we’ve gotten that feedback. Think they may have laid on the pretreat solution a little thick.  But as with all direct-to-garment produced goods, we advise customers wash the shirt before wearing it for the most awesome results.]

What question do you wish I would have asked? And what’s the answer? :-D
I think a question about platform feedback would be a good one since I am sure you guys are in full development mode at the moment. Overall for a beta you guys are killing it. [Marketer joyously interrupts reading, dispenses copious amounts of high fives to the product team. Sits back down. Continues reading.] One thing that I find a little cumbersome is having to redo a description should a product image need to be updated. Or in our case 12 :). [Marketer suddenly regretting the last few high fives.]  We add a bit of custom HTML code to each page that cannot be added through your editor so I have to save the description, do the Merchify thing and then go back into Shopify once the product has been pushed to paste it back in. If you have a description override option it would make that process a little more streamlined.

So there you have it! Special thanks to Brooks and Kinney for participating in our beta AND for answering our questions. Y'all rock. 

Are you a Shopify user ready to sell made-on-demand merch yourself? Then try out Merchify for yourself!  If you’re eager to use Merchify but haven’t yet signed up for Shopify, try their 30 Day Free Trial. You can install Merchify for free!


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